Friday, August 28, 2009

A day in the life of Heather

First off I just need to say none of this is from Mercy Ships but of me.
To all my friends and family I have to say I miss you loads.
To live on a ship is to feel the swell and shift of the ship, to hear the roar of the engines, and to have black black cabins. To live on the African Mercy we learn the meaning of little personal space, lots of love, and prayer for those we have never seen. This past week we prayed for two babies. Unfortunatly they both went home to God. I don't know the reason for this and I'm not going to pretend to know but needless to say there was more than a few teary eyed crew members on board the ship.
I'm finding it hard to say exactly what a day for me contains. Last week I had the morning shif, which is to say I woke up, took a shower, then went to work. We worked till two then got off. I sometimes get a chai tea, other times I watch movies with friends or whatever else is randomly set up for the day. Like in real life there is not an itenery to say exactly what each person will do every day. This is, after all, many people's lives.
Right now I am sitting at reception on night duty. If your wondering if its exciting, not really. The beginning was because I got the pleasure of doing the paperwork of all the new crew members who joined today. After my night shift is over I will likely go to bed, so it feels like my life is flipped over on this shift.

Friday, August 21, 2009

life on a semi-rolling ship

Oh a sailor's life for me... I don't know if the word sailor is the correct term for me but I am now officially living on the ship. I suppose I should mention the week I had before the ship. Just to put everyone's jealousy on its toes - I stayed in Paris for three beautiful days and nights. We biked around Paris visiting places like the Tour de Eiffel, Sacre Coer, and lovely restaurants with lovely food. I think that's the part I'll miss the most - the food.
As for my life on Mercy Ships. Its not too bad. Actually its quite nice. The food is great - not very cafetereish. They have allready put me to work. I have successfully transfered calls, signed in keys, and learned about the fire pannel which isn't as complicated as I thought. My room, as I've told various people, is small, very small. I will say some advantages, the bed is soft, I'm skinny, and it is pitch black making sleep in the day way too easy. In the mornings. Reminding myself that yes its morning and I should get up is always a interesting task involving thinking in the morning. So far no trouble. The alarm clock hasn't even done its job yet (thank goodness since it is loud) instead I wake twenty minutes before which is perfect for me who likes to lie there and just enjoy staying in bed.
I should mention my decorations, for at least my family's sake. One wall bears the a Darcy poster with a bumper sticker stating I <3 Darcy nicely put under it. The wall opposite wears my Nightwish poster. Now my room is the simplist Phengshui room I've ever seen though I truly didn't try and I don't believe in that stuff. Maybe the slight clutter takes away from that aura who knows :).
Heather out