Friday, December 11, 2009


I remember my first blog mentioned rocking. I knew nothing of rocking ships. We are now sailing around Africa and the rocking has increased exponentially. Strangely enough, I am not sea sick, though I do gain the occasional bouts of headache’s – my brain does not like not knowing what is going on.

As can well be imagined, we are finished with our Benin mission and are moving on to Tenerife. Yes, there is a certain sadness in leaving a country, which has been our home for so long, but the excitement is growing in the idea of a break for Christmas. Though Tenerife is near to Africa, it belongs to Spain, therefore it is very European. While there, we can relax from our guard and enjoy the sights. The reason for this venture is to do a little bit of doctoring on our ship instead of the human populace of the country. I, of my own self, am excited to be able to go out on my own without an escort. As a woman, I was highly advised not to go off ship on my own. In Tenerife, this fact becomes almost nil.

What creates even brighter spirits is the sailing itself. The physical being: when I go on the top decks or the bow, I can feel the wind in my hair, hear the waves, and enjoy the splendor of the sea. One day, while I was out until the sun crescendo below the sky, we saw a water spout, dolphins, and the after affects of whales breathing. It was truly, all an amazing sight. At night, if there are no clouds in the sky, the stars turn out for the event and give us a real show, for there is not a light to be seen in any direction, except off our ship. I am truly amazed by God’s wonder.

Last, to speak of is the spiritual wonder of being out here. I have often heard but not truly experienced the fact that demons are territorial. This means when we left Tenerife the spiritual lackluster we felt immediately came off. It may be partly because we are nearing the holidays, but people are less moody, and my mind seems released. Yes, there is something different in the air. If anything, that would make me want to stay out to sea forever. I wonder what Tenerife will be like

God bless you all,