Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It is amazing how many things can be accomplished in just one month. I have been to the market twice, one the food market, the other a cloth market. The people are incredibly friendly, though in the cloth market the muslim influence is a stark reality. I have purposefully not gone with money, as that way I just tell the vendors I have no money and they leave me alone in a friendly manner. 
With a group of about eleven or so people I went to Ouida. This is a place well known for its gate of no return (where Africans went before being herded onto boats for the Americas). It was quite the eyeopener. Never has the slave trade, and the gruesomeness of it been so real to me as when I saw that place. I looked accross the waves, and can imagine the people turning and looking at their lush home one last time before sailing to Brazil, or dying on the way. Thankfully, we went swimming after, and as the cushioned American that I am, I forgot all about it. Lastly, I have played football (soccer) twice. I think I'm actually starting to enjoy exercise, which is a scary thought if I've ever known one.
As for life on the ship, I haven't truly known a bad day yet. If I believed in Feng Shui I'd think bad was just below the horizon kinda like the sun right now. I can see a little bit of pink out the window. Mmmm ain't life beautiful? I think God likes to spoil me sometimes. I have good friends, wonderful cofee, exercise, and beautiful days. What more can I ask for? Oh yes I don't have tv or the ability to watch it on the internet - life is beautiful and my mind loves it.
Almost everyday there is something to entertain, a movie in the queen's lounge, a dance party on deck 8, or simply a good book from the library. Really my life is great. Did I say I was a missionary - a very spoiled one. I know that missionaries are supposed to say how hard life is but really, what is the point of that. If life gets hard maybe I'll write about it but until then... I'll keep my happy face on and feel amazingly blessed.