Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hard Work!

Because of my kicking and screaming tendencies in writing a blog, I did create a blog which was about the Africa Mercy but with a sci-fi twist. I was thinking, maybe that would cut it and I'd get my need to use my imagination more at the same time. Then I realized, some people would rather the real thing with the real updates, so I suppose here I go. :)
We are currently docked in Durban, South Africa. Because of the need for generators - having to do with too much noise being created by the old ones to operate in the operating room - we are in dry dock. This means the ship is currently sitting on blocks of wood and men are moving under it, beside it, and over it, twenty-four hours a day. We now have a huge hole in the side of our ship.

As for me, well there are about ninety people on board of which eighty percent are men. This is new considering its usually the exact opposite with a crew of four-hundred people. The ship, these days is very quiet in the sense of there is no engine sounds to create white noise and less people talking. Then again, it is very loud with the noise of machines everywhere. The other day I had to wear ear plugs in the dining room because they were ripping the stairs apart leading to the galley. Huh.
It is funny how God can and will answer our prayers. I was complaining, as you know from the previous blog, that I was not useful enough. Yah never say that to God. First, God has a sense of humor. It's a wonderful great thing that makes me happy, except when He uses it against me! I am now working as a housekeeper/hospitality/dining room attendant. Every other week I work for seven days straight! This is actually not as terrible as it sounds, because while God gave me a job where I work a lot, he also gave me the strength to deal with it. Plus! I'm getting muscles. Seriously, I can lift heavier things now. He also gave me several friends to fellowship and relax with after hours. Lourens Lessing has been a great friend, and gets me off the ship more than I would otherwise. Annie I can talk to and watch movies with, and Gabriella is great for a laugh and chatting with. How good God is in providing exactly what we need. Its also nice being around so many conveniences like supermarkets again.
anyways, God bless